Five Ways To Go Green While Grocery Shopping

Five Ways To Go Green While Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Just think of all the times you shop in a year. Now, consider these five steps, so you can improve your shopping to fit your ecological concerns.

1. Bring a reusable bag or tote bag for groceries. The first ecological step you have to take is to bring your own bag and refuse the store’s plastic or paper options.

2. Only buy organic Read more…

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Go Green At Home with Simple Changes

Being environmentally conscious doesn’t need to take a huge effort. You can make a few small changes to your regular routines at home that will make a big difference in terms of environmental friendliness. Here are a few strategies for going green in the comfort of your own home.

Recycle. This is always a very basic idea. Most cities have recycling programs with specific rules. Learn what you can put out for recycling; cardboard, paper and bottles are usually some of the acceptable items. You can also take aluminum cans to be recycled in many states, getting paid for them by the pound.

Look into companies that can reduce the amount of energy used in your home. A search for energy CompaniesTexas can point you in the right direction. Companies that are invested in greener energy can save you money while at the same time using less energy. You can also look into getting insulation so that you will not need to crank the heat up so much in winter.

Reduce the use of water and light. When you brush your teeth, only leave the water running for a moment. Same goes for any time you turn on the faucet but aren’t really using the water. Consider taking shorter showers. Turn off lights whenever you leave the room, and consider leaving them off during the day. A window with the curtain open gives just as much natural light on a sunny day, and it doesn’t waste any energy.

Turn off devices you aren’t using. This includes computers, televisions and any other gizmos and gadgets you may have. If possible, unplug them as well, but simply turning them off is a big step in the right direction. If you are not actually using it during that time, what do you have to lose by turning it off? Surely a few extra minutes to turn it back on is worth it.

Buy cloth bags. People go through so many plastic bags at grocery stores and other shops. Buy a few cloth bags and take them along when you do your shopping, and you can avoid wasting all that plastic during your routine outings.

Buy recycled items. There are many ordinary household items that are made from recycled materials. Simply look for the recycling symbol on the packaging. This can range from printer paper to clothing. Use your green to go green!

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Go Green By Planting A Spring Vegetable Garden

A garden is a great way to enjoy fresh vegetables while reducing your impact on the environment, and since spring is in the air, there’s no time like the present to start planning. Eating locally-grown produce reduces the amount of fossil fuels that are used to transport food from place to place, and there’s no place more local than your own back yard. Growing your own vegetables also gives you the power to grow your food in a green way, avoiding petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides in favor of organic methods. And if you already compost your Read more…

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Ways Your Family Can Help The Environment Today

Saving the environment seems like a job that is too big for your family, but what you might not know is that you can save a small part of it! Take a moment to consider small ways that your family can help green the world.

Consider growing native plants in your yard. Even small children can benefit from learning to garden, and if you grow native plants, you can increase the number of pollinators that Read more…

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Are Your Light Bulbs Helping Your Family Save Energy?

Many people do not give much thought to the light bulbs they use. For nearly a hundred years, incandescent bulbs were the only ones on the market for residential use. CFLs, or compact fluorescent bulbs were four feet long and found only in commercial use. Today, CFLs and other types of light bulbs are available that use far less electricity and last up to ten times longer than incandescent ones.

To find a CFL replacement bulb, look at the wattage of Read more…

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How To Teach Your Kids To Recycle

Get Children Involved

Recycling is an important activity that assists in avoiding adding garbage to landfills. The process of recycling requires additional time and effort for parents. Children of various ages can also learn easy ways to recycle at home and school. Educate children about helping the environment by using age appropriate books, posters and CDs with recycling topics. Get children involved in creating a recycling plan at school and home. Make the activity of separating glass, plastic and metal simpler by labeling brightly colored containers. Place containers in easily accessible areas of the home to make recycling more Read more…

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Ten Ways Every Family Can Go Green Right Now

Every family can go green without a great deal of preparation. Certain items may take practice in the beginning, but eventually going green will become a lifestyle. Here are ten things families can do to begin a green lifestyle today.

1. Instead of throwing grass clippings and leaves away, set up a compost bin and create organic fertilizer for vegetables, flowers or the lawn.

2. Use organic fertilizers or insecticides on the lawn only. Chemical versions are often toxic to children and pets; the water run-off Read more…

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